What Is The Perfect Length For A Class Assignment

What Is The Perfect Length For A Class Assignment/Dissertation?

One of several trendiest academic questions on the internet is how many words should be in an assignment. We understand that professors often assign academic tasks without mentioning any specific word count. In such cases, questions about the word and page count can lay up trouble for you. Frankly speaking, there is no straightforward answer; hence, it may depend on several factors.

For example, in the Ph.D. program, students have to craft several types of writing during their course. By the end of their program, they have to grind on the most important and tedious project, the dissertation. It is also an assignment whose length may differ depending on the university and discipline. Besides, factors such as whether you will send a hard copy or a soft one also influence the final decision. 

How Long Should An Assignment/Dissertation Be?

Hence, this guide will revolve around an assignment’s length, word count, and page. We’ll dig deeper into this topic and inform you about its various aspects. However, considering the thumb rule, the average word count for a dissertation is between 10,000 to 100,000, and students rarely compose assignments 100,000 elements long. Averagely, a dissertation should have 100 to 300 pages opening into chapters, divisions, and sub-divisions.

Moreover, a thesis, like any other type of homework, has various segments. It will first open to the research method or design, followed by the next part that discusses the results. Lastly, the writer has to present the conclusion based on the discoveries during the research. After that, the final stage involves recommendations to inspire the readers for new Ph.D. projects.

The Average Length

We discussed how long a thesis should be. Now let’s look into how long it is on average. The length may vary depending on the student, university, and course, but it generally contains 25k to 50k elements. However, if the dissertation is either technical or specific on a particular topic, it may be challenging to write extensive pages. Therefore, they’re comparatively shorter than the ones written on broad issues.

For example, if you’re an active engineering student, you must have composed several papers during your coursework. It means you have done half the work, and the next steps will be less troublesome. You have to compile them all and include your findings at the end and produce a discussion on it. Besides, if your hectic law homework requires you to work your fingers to the bone and you’re not ready for it, take assistance from law assignment helper companies.

Why Is It Significant To Be Aware Of Word Count?

It is essential for a couple of reasons. Firstly, knowing the approximate limit will let you know how much space you have to present all your information. Suppose you have to share an ocean of knowledge and think there is adequate space to write. However, you realize in the middle of composing that you have hit the limit yet haven’t concluded. But setting a specific limit lets you work on the next steps efficiently.

You will focus more on staying on the topic rather than squandering time on unnecessary points. Secondly, when students know the limit, it helps to divide the entire dissertation into numerous chunks, and they can work on it bit by bit. This way, they would have fewer chances of committing any blunder in the homework and will complete it efficiently.  

How Long Should An Introduction Chapter For a Dissertation Be?

We all know that the first part of any dissertation writing is an introduction, which carries considerable weight. In the introduction chapter, you must lay down all the ingredients and items needed to cook the dish. Similarly, the writer must explain to the audience what the thesis will revolve around. The length of the introduction also differs on the scope and university.

Hence, some studies claimed that the introduction should contain 5000 words while others stated that it should have 1000 elements. So, working on the first part of your thesis, the introduction, you might have to edit or even omit some sentences. Often, pupils experience a sudden disappointment when they have to skip some phrases or even paragraphs. However, keep in mind that your final goal should be to produce a compelling masterpiece that teaches the examiner about something.

How Many Words Should The Conclusion Part Contain?

The conclusion is the last segment of any thesis or any other type of assignment. Your ending segment should be of 1000 elements approximately. However, depending on the scope and student, the conclusion can be slightly shorter or longer than the defined limit. The writer uses the ending part to bring everything to a close and present the thesis as a desirable package. Hence, in the end, how many words you want to dedicate to your assignment entirely depends on you.

However, innumerable pupils use 3.5% of the total set limit to their conclusion. Besides, if you’re studying at any top UK university, you might feel like exploring the beautiful destinations of England. Isn’t it? But your hectic schedule filled with tests, assignments, and weekly tests might rarely allow you to fulfill your wanderlust desires. However, outsourcing to assignment helper UK based companies will save you time for other activities.

The Limitation Of A Thesis At Bachelor’s, Master’s, And Ph.D. Level

There is no such standard limitation for a dissertation at an undergraduate level. However, while running our eyes over several studies, we suggest you devote your document to 8,000 to 15,000 words. However, if your academic thesis slightly exceeds the limitation you intended at the beginning – it is entirely okay.

Moving to the Master’s level, most universities have a standard limit set for the thesis, but it might differ slightly. Generally, as a student in the Master’s degree program, your homework should fall between 15,000 to 60,000 words.

Several Ph.D.-level pupils are tempted to write more than the defined limits to showcase their intellectual ability. However, we suggest they stay committed to 60,000 to 80,000 words. Besides, some other websites advise reaching up to 100,000 elements for the thesis.


With this, we come to the end of this guide. We described the answer to the question stated in the title. As mentioned in the beginning, there is no one solid number for the limitation. However, wading through this post must have let you know about the average numbers that you can consider while composing your masterpiece. Besides, if you’re struggling with writing high-quality papers and don’t know how to craft them perfectly, don’t worry! Irrespective of how long your assignment is, online experts are ready to help you.

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