A Guide For Writing A Strong Thesis Statement

A Guide For Writing A Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis is present in a debate speech, advertisement, lawyer’s argument, et cetera. However, its most obvious place is in academic writings such as essays, dissertations, research papers, etc. A thesis statement represents the paper’s purpose and drives the entire academic document. In its absence, the writing is unfocused and lacks an argument, focus, clarity, and continuity.

Several students are out of their depth while developing a solid central idea, and probably you’re one of them. However, kick off your overwhelming anxiety as this guide will explicitly lay down all the ways to help you develop a strong thesis statement.

Why Is It So Crucial?

A thesis statement is the best method to organize your thoughts and nail down the focus of the academic document. If you know from the beginning what the aim is, composing the paper becomes convenient. Therefore, developing a solid central idea before writing the essay is crucial. Plus, it is one of the first things the checker evaluates in the assignment and is a significant factor in your grades.

How To Develop A Strong Thesis Statement

Below are the vital hints to get you started and strengthen your composing skills. Scroll down to uncover all of them!

Have A Buzz Session

The best way to get started is to have a buzz session with your study buddies, pals, classmates, tutor, or even a thesis helper online. Sit together, come up with a list of great topics, and choose the suitable one for yourself. Narrow down the theme to create a catchy, concise, and clear central idea.

Develop A Research Question

Once you have the main idea, it is time to develop a solid research question. You will highlight that query in the introduction segment and build an argument backed up with evidence, facts, and examples in the body part. Lastly, you will describe the final answer in the ending part of the assignment – the conclusion. An example of the question is: What are the significant factors that lead to anxiety? And how can it be prevented?

Come Up With An Initial Answer

After developing solid research, the next stage is to find its answer. After some research, you will create an initial answer guiding your further research and writing processes. Besides, you also have to present your opinion along with the solution. Continuing from the above example, the answer is trauma, high stress, drug or alcohol, illness, and other mental disorders can lead to anxiety.

Avoid Filling Your Paper With General Information

Often, students commit the blunder of filling up their papers with general information. So, don’t be among them because the professor wants to derive a unique point from your writings, which impresses them. Therefore, narrow the topic and stick to the main idea.

Back-Up Your Answer With Reasoning And Evidence

Dig deeper into the main idea by wading through the relevant available sources and gathering all the evidence. Use those facts and reasoning to back up your answer. Plus, doing this will also help you compose a top-notch assignment.

Be Mindful Of The Grammatical Flaws

Make sure your thesis statement is free from any grammatical flaws. Prefer the active voice over the passive one to sound more confident and assertive. Prevent wordiness in the sentence to enhance its readability.

Is It Captivate Enough To Hook, The Readers?

You need to be mindful of who your audience is and keep them in mind while developing the main idea. The hypothesis should be exciting and captivating to hook the readers so they can stick around throughout the main body and conclusion. Readers will continue reading your academic document if they get something valuable and significantly informative yet engaging.

However, if you’re troubled by anxiety as you fail to develop an enthralling main idea, seeking assistance from assignment helper UK based services will be a game changer.

What Are The Main Elements Of A Main Idea?

The main idea consists of the following three elements:

  • The primary purpose of the paper
  • The reasons why you chose this idea and which side you support
  • The third one is optional, which you can use if you have – a counterargument to what you have stated

Once you have these three points on your plate, organize them in logical and consistent sentences.

What Are Other Characteristics Of A Strong Thesis Statement?

You shouldn’t just consider the above three elements but also other characteristics such as length, position, and strength to create a solid central idea.


The most suitable position for the main idea is at the beginning of the assignment because it indicates what the writer will discuss with the readers. Many professors have different preferences regarding positioning. However, a general recommendation is to place it right within the introduction paragraph’s last two to three sentences.


The length of the central point can be shorter or longer, depending on various factors. Usually, it is a single long yet concise sentence consisting of two clauses – one dependent and the other independent clause. The independent clause is your opinion, while the dependent one is the reasons. Hence, the appropriate length is two lines long single sentences containing 30 to 40 words.


You can gauge the strength of your thesis statement by ensuring it is arguable. Not everyone has to agree with your main idea, and another way to ensure it is solid enough is to check if it contains some valuable information. Your statement should have a logical argument backed with robust evidence, facts, and realistic examples.

The Final Thoughts

Crafting a thesis statement requires comparatively more effort than other segments of the academic document, and it is because it holds the entire argument on which the paper is based. As the quality of the rest of your assignment highly depends on its main idea, it is worth the extra time and effort. If, after wading through this guide, you still feel stuck, then consider professional help from online assignment helpers. Various types of experts are available online to provide any assistance related to your homework.

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